Bandbreite Mobilfunk (ermittelt durch Speedtest)

This dataset provides global fixed broadband and mobile (cellular) network performance metrics in zoom level 16 web mercator tiles (approximately 610.8 meters by 610.8 meters at the equator).

Hundreds of millions of Speedtests are taken on the Ookla platform each month. In order to create a manageable dataset, we aggregate raw data into tiles. The size of a data tile is defined as a function of "zoom level" (or "z"). At z=0, the size of a tile is the size of the whole world. At z=1, the tile is split in half vertically and horizontally, creating 4 tiles that cover the globe. This tile-splitting continues as zoom level increases, causing tiles to become exponentially smaller as we zoom into a given region. By this definition, tile sizes are actually some fraction of the width/height of Earth according to Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857). As such, tile size varies slightly depending on latitude, but tile sizes can be estimated in meters.

For the purposes of these layers, a zoom level of 16 (z=16) is used for the tiling. This equates to a tile that is approximately 610.8 meters by 610.8 meters at the equator (18 arcsecond blocks). The geometry of each tile is represented in WGS 84 (EPSG:4326) in the tile field.

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